Hi, I'm Ilze Be! 

I use my sharp intuitive coaching and comprehensive training approaches to inspire my clients to aim much higher and see how they can achieve what they never believed in before.

 When you turn into yourself, you turn on possibilities.

My story of becoming a coach in the USA

My name "Ilze" is a common Latvian name. I added the name "Be" as if to remind myself: "Ilze, Be who you Are!" 

I am a multi-passionate human being: life coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and artist. I first used the name Ilze Be on my paintings. Now, it's also my business name, and the middle name in my American passport. 

I am also a mother of two adult sons, one of whom stayed in Latvia. He is the father of my two grandchildren Oliver and Cortney who I love with all my heart.

Building a new life in the USA required dropping everything I had in Latvia and taking a leap of faith. It wasn't easy emotionally, and it took determination to build everything from scratch. 

Working from my new home in the USA, I created digital courses and quickly grew a new business internationally. I use my skills and experiences in coaching to help people who are starting businesses now.

I understand fears and sadness, and what it takes to go through them. I coach men and women who, like me, want to make a change, have great aspirations, but need someone to walk them through. I am that sort of a guide. I know what it takes to step into the dark.

Among my former clients, there are beauty contestants who made it to "Miss World", as well as business executives, who went from being national to multinational. 

Not only do my clients see how coaching affects their financial success and business, but often it helps them in relationships as well. 

Recently, I coached a woman who came to me for help around her new business. She turned into herself and it became clear that her real desire was to find a loving partner; yet, she had absolutely no time for a relationship on her busy schedule. She made the necessary shifts and now has a thriving dating life and feels a lot happier and more successful. 

I listen deeply and reflect back, so that my clients see the unvarnished truth, and understand themselves. It is the vision that allows changing lives powerfully, and that is what I help with.

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