Hi, I'm Ilze Be!

I help organizations to successfully compete in saturated markets by consulting and coaching their leaders on marketing and brand management, training assistants and providing them done-for-you solutions if needed.

What I bring to the table:

Sharp questions that make my clients to look at their data from a different perspective and gain insights that help acquiring new niches that they can dominate.
Tips that help my clients to craft and tell their stories so that they capture interest instead of boring their stakeholders with industry-heavy lingo or metrics.
Relaxing and fun atmosphere that help my clients to open up and access their creativity for optimization of internal resources, improved employee satisfaction and performance, reduced costs, and financial results and overall happiness.

Summary of Experience

27 years in self-directed business; 18 of them while based in Europe. Executive MBA with background in foreign languages, translation, and content creation. International team management experience for globally recognized brands penetrating Eastern European market. A to Z skills in creation of personal brand & digital products. Seasoned public speaker and speech writer with artistic talent and technical skills to create visually effective and memorable presentations. 

Sharing My Story for Channel "Saprotu"

Involvement in the Community:

Involvement in & Contribution to

Rolesville Chamber of Commerce 
Latvian American Chamber of Commerce
Northwestern Toastmasters Club
Bedford Toastmasters Club
Raleigh Talkmasters Club
High Country Toastmasters Club
Community Gardeners of Rolesville
Latvians and Latvian Friends of North Carolina
Facebook group "What's Your Latvian Story?"
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