Hi! My name is Ilze Be! 

I coach leaders and daredevils.

I'm also passionate about:

~ Art

~ Language

~ Cold Water Immersion

 Turn in to yourself.   Turn on possibilities.

My Bio

I am a life and business coach. My clients are leaders and daredevils who believe in their potential, and I believe in my clients.  

I use laser focused coaching to help to identify their limiting beliefs and develop new bolder and healthier routines. 

In my 50+ years, I've trained, and coached multiple people: stage artists, entrepreneurs, business executives and other leaders. I've seen people through tough spots to where big things happen.

To the coaching session, I bring the knowledge gained through continuous education, international work experience, my life lessons and belief in human potential. My clients come with their dreams and intention to create a new, mind-blowing reality.

I started out the moment the Soviet Block collapsed. That's when I incorporated my first business in training, coaching and show production. As a part of my work of that time, I inspired new talents and beauty pageants that brought a couple of them to Miss World. That was my beginning.

I am a fun loving deep thinker fascinated in arts, cultures and languages. My greatest reward is to see my clients making their dreams come true. Their success is my success.

Interested to learn more?

 Some good words about me:

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