ILZE BE - coach

Ilze Be Berzina

Teacher, Trainer & Coach

I help my clients to create stronger bonds with their partners, colleagues and employees by immersing in one of these activities:

Creating and interpreting a piece of abstract art collectively and interpreting its symbolic messages
Designing a unique adventure and turning it into a reality and an unforgettable experience

 In a nutshell

about the three offers

OFFER #1 - Learn & teach collaboration language

There are more than national languages. There are also professional languages. Learning how to coach your partner to understand your needs and communicate their needs leads to success in business and relationship.  Click here, to learn more.

OFFER #2 - Creating a piece of abstract art

Everyone can learn to create an artwork that can reveal messages from your subconscious mind. Collaborative creation of art can be fun as well as mind opening since reveals what might be hard to put in words. Click here, to learn more.

OFFER #3 - Design and live experiences

Would you like to try doing things you've never done before in an exciting, perhaps a little challenging, yet gentle way? Have you bought into a limiting belief that something is only for the others, not for you? What if you can overwrite it and live a more fulfilling life? Click here, to learn more.


This is what I sell:

Online sessions and in-person events

If you are looking for an alternative way to spend quality time together with your partner, friends, family members or colleagues, I offer to design a unique event or in-person experience for you based on your preferences. 

If interested, please click the link and subscribe to a sequence of emails in which I will provide you with bite-sized information. 

Digital courses and coaching  packages

The biggest mistake that I have done as a language teacher in the past and that I see language teachers do now, is teach a language through grammar. 

I have designed a simple, but effective method to avoid that. I teach it to my coaching clients. We design goals, look at the schedules and commit to focusing on learning-teaching-fun balance.

Acrylic and oil paintings and digital design products

My paintings reflect female bodies and feminine world, animals and the eye as a symbol of inner world and intuition. 

Buy or commission a painting from a photo or color scheme. Since I work with energies and subconsciousness, my paintings will be energetically charged and have embedded symbols for you wellbeing, enhanced intuition, love luck and success. 


Meet me, Ilze Be:

Plant lover, bird watcher and nature explorer
Experience working with business owners,  experts and politicians as a translator and interpreter
Artist from a family of nationally recognized writers and artists
35 years in language teaching, 29 years in entrepreneurship
Cold water immersion and culinary art enthusiast
Independent consultant and assessor of vocational training programs and oral language proficiency levels
Author of digital courses
Latvian American public speaker
Successfully integrated North Carolina resident
Fun, pleasure and humor advocate
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