Hi, I'm Ilze Be! 

I am a life and business coach. 

I work with people who are tired pretending they are normal. 

I am an artist, interpreter and story teller. 

 I kiss my clients' souls, watch them drop their shells, grow wings and fly.

I am an adventurous explorer.

 I inspire my clients to cross borders and enjoy the grass that actually IS greener on the other side.

Turn into yourself, turn on possiblities.

Coaching Offers:

This is a 6-month group coaching program where we will help you to set up and run your dream business. You'll craft inspirational stories about it and sell your business holding your value. 

With 25+ years of experience, I know what is required long term is not just the right mindset, toolset and skillset for each of the businesses, but also a balanced life in general. Book a 15 min. conversation using the scheduler below to learn more.


Join Ilze Be and Scott Thomas for an immersive artistic experience! Our intimate group setting will provide you with the comfort level needed to play and experiment. 

My Schools

I am very proud of my formal education not so much because of the name of the schools although I chose the very best there were at the time. I am proud of what I went through to complete the studies and get those degrees, and how it transformed me.

University of Latvia (1988 - 1993)

I studied what today is called Department of Contrastive Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting. I didn't have a typical student life nor did my parents help to start the school. They didn't help me to pick what to study (except my mother talked me off studying medicine), they didn't help me to find the location nor did they come to my graduation. 

I worked at a country school during the mornings and hopped on a 2.5h bus ride to Riga for evening classes. I hopped on a train to Saint Petersburg, Russia, to get back home because it had a sleeping car. I arrived at Valmiera station (not the safest part of the town) at around midnight and from there, I had to walk for about 30 min, often in extreme cold, to get home.

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (2003 - 2005)

I was working as an English teacher and a freelance translator-interpreter at the time when there public discussions whether Latvia should join the European Union. I had a lot of questions from my senior students and I saw a lot of documents as a translator. I realized that I needed to upgrade my education in order to be able to give good answers and to be able to deal with all the documents that were submitted for translation. That's why I decided to pick a school that offers studies in English, and I picked the highest rated and the most expensive one.

Not only it was a huge financial risk for me. It was also rather stressful because I was admitted to a group of brightest people of the country and foreign experts and diplomats. I had to up my game and study extra in order to catch up with them. On the top of that, I also had two children (youngest only 1 year old at the time) at home when I started. My husband of that time didn't like my choice so I also had to deal with some marital strenuosity. I barely slept at and probably got it done with the help of the Universe.

Book a quick call to inquire about coaching or collaboration

Schedule this call with either one of us because this is not going to be coaching. This is just a quick call to clarify things and/or to pre-qualify you for a FREE discovery call with Ilze Be. 

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