Ilze Be Berzina

Language and Memory Expert, Trainer & Coach

As linguist, speaker and coach, I work with my clients to help them uplevel their language and presentation skills so they are able to:

My Offers

Learn to learn and improve your memorization skills

As a former simultaneous and consecutive interpreter, I had to learn how to remember a large volumes of new information regularly.

That made me to continuously search for new ways to memorize. Now, I help my clients to discover their amazing potential by hacking the hidden potential of their brains.

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I work as a coach with individuals, couples and groups. As a result, my clients may release fear of public speaking, improve their story-telling skills, and some may even learn unconventional techniques of how to learn and/or teach a foreign language more efficiently. 

Resources for learners and teachers of Latvian 

Currently, I offer 3 digital courses for learners of Latvian placed on my other website

I also coach foreign language teachers to become more efficient and financially successful by using my  techniques. 


Meet me thru a few bullet points:

Plant lover, bird watcher and nature explorer
Former translator and interpreter having worked with executives, entrepreneurs, experts and politicians 
Artist from a family of nationally recognized writers and artists
35 years in language teaching, 29 years in entrepreneurship
Cold water immersion and culinary art enthusiast
Mother and trainer of a new generation Latvian language enthusiast and teacher
President of High Country Toastmasters' Club in Boone, NC
A supporter of honest science and scientist Gregg Braden

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