Hi! I'm Ilze Be!

I  work with men aged 40+
to help them design bold changes
& tun that design into mind-blowing reality
in business and life. 

 Time is a bitch.   Use it.   No mercy.

You & I

When I say you are 40+, it's not about your chronological age. I expect the psychological age of my clients be over 40. There is no limit on the other end.

When I say men, I am talking about people who identify as males and who feel attracted to females energetically and sexually.

As a coach with a feminine mindset and energy, I care about your relationships, my client. I can't help you working on your business goals ignoring your relationships. You deserve to be not only successful, but also happy. How you feel matters.

When I work, I give everything I've got: my knowledge, creativity, sensitivity and intuition. I understand women, (I've worked with many), so you may find it helpful too. 

Yet, the most important thing is the wisdom and talents within you. In fact, there is everything you need within you. What needs to be done is unlocking it all. You've got the key to your kingdom. You are the King. 

Therefore, I listen carefully in what you say and then help you create what you want to have and to be.

I don't provide dating services nor do I date my clients. Let's have it out of the way right from the start.

If you'll elect to be really bold, I will create extraordinary experiences that will take you to the edge. That's how to update your blueprint and build a rather different life than you had before for yourself and people in it.

My true nature is a mixture of things: along with my innate nurturer, there is some masculine side within me. That masculine part loves adventures and achievement. The nurturer will offer to hold a safe space for you to be vulnerable and learn the skill of surrender. If you will allow me...


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