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What 21st century Mark Twain asked to me

Have you heard about toastmasters? A toastmasters' club is a space where people practice public speaking and train for leadership roles.

Upon joining a club, a new member usually gets a mentor. My mentor  is Donald McNeill also known as Mark Twain of 21st century.

Although we have almost 20-year age gap, we have formed a strong bond that is more like friendship than formal mentorship relationship. Once, during one of our conversations, Don suggested that we shoot a video. In it, Mark Twain would argue with Ilze Be about her ability to coach him suggesting her immaturity.

I picked up that the suggestion was an invitation to explain coaching. Although our project didn't work out due to COVID, I'll explain the main concept here.

It is relevant to know that unlike teachers or consultants, coaches don't focus on delivering information to their clients. Therefore, coaches speak less and listen more. 

Unlike therapists, coaches focus on helping their clients to visualise their desired future and make it become present. 

Although it may help if a coach had general knowledge in the client's professional field, unlike mentors, coaches don't need to have walked the walk before their clients.

Our work together can be coaching only or a combination of coaching, training, consulting or mentoring depending on your needs and wishes. 

Before you make your decision whether to hire my as coach, I'll offer a deep conversation not only so that you to get to speak with me personally and learn about what's possible for you, but also because I want to reserve my limited time for people who have the biggest potential to benefit from collaborating with me.

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