Hi! I'm Ilze Be!

I  work with doers and leaders
& take them deep into their hearts and minds.
Together, we explore & design dynamic changes
that become their mind-blowing reality. 

 Turn in to yourself.   Turn on possibilities.

You & I

Not that long ago, I had a Facebook chat with someone whom I've known since I was of the age my younger son is now. 

It was a Saturday evening for me in North Carolina and I figured it was an early Sunday morning for him. He probably was sleepless and had had a couple of shots Scotch (or some wine).

We had never chatted before online so it was a surprise to have him write to me. 

He asked me if I was happy. I said I was because my sons are adults now and I can finally relax. It's been 30 years of responsibilities. I am enjoying this new freedom.

He told me he had achieved everything others would dream of: a big house with a pool and fancy new cars, a status, and two amazing sons. "But is that all?" he wanted to know. 

I felt his angst and his hidden desire for something more. Yet, he didn't go into details. It isn't easy to open up to someone you seem to know but then you don't. I think he'll come back though and we'll have another conversation. I feel he wants my help and I want to help.

Do you also find yourself wondering what it is you are in this world for? Do you also think there should be more than what your current routine is?

I work to help people like that man - leaders and achievers, and seekers. I feel rewarded when I see my clients find their true purpose and start living it. 

Knowing that trust needs to be formed before we can commit to collaboration, I offer free discovery conversations for us both to get the feel and vibe. 

I extend my invitations to collaborate only when it feels right. I'll serve you at my best regardless.


Email:     info@ilzebe.com

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