Hi, I'm Ilze Be!

I help leaders and managers
to create change mindfully &
to build powerful teams 
that achieve big goals

Coach,  Trainer, Public Speaker

Coaching & Training 

As a coach, I focus on working with leaders and managers for a greater impact. If you want a change in your team, business or life, it shall start with you.

I invite you to look through this website and see how it feels to you. In order to be in a successful coaching relationship, how it feels is more important than anything else. I am happy to schedule a deep conversation in order for us both to  figure out if we are a good match. 

I also work with small groups and teams.

I can only take very few clients at a time. I work with people who can commit to either a 6 or 12 month coaching packages. Anything less than that won't create significant and lasting change.

Public Speaking 

You'll hear me speak about things that stand out in my eyes as I observe people and cultures as well as about things that make me vulnerable. Those are typically things that come up as I coach others.

Health, including mental health is on the top of my value list. With that, we an have have happily balanced life. Personally, I am interested in chakra healing, the balance between masculine and feminine energies and I believe in the importance of humor and art in a blissful life. 

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