The 3 Latvians that met in New York City were:

  • My student Ina,
  • Her cousin Ieva from Latvia
  • Myself.

My student Ina invited her cousin Ieva to New York City to have some fun and quality time. Since she had a place big enough for 4 people at the Hilton Midtown hotel, she asked me if I wanted to join them. I agreed, and it turned out to be a wonderful adventure for the three of us. It all happened last week. In the video that I’ve embedded here, I am showing the highlights of our time together as well as teaching some Latvian words and sentences to those who are learning Latvian.

This time, I actually included the vocabulary within the post.


Tur ir spogulis. That’s a mirror over there.
Spogulī es redzu sevi. I see myself in the mirror.
Tas ir krāns. That is a tap.
Blakus krānam ir ziepju trauks. Next to the tap, there is a soap dish.
Ziepju traukā ir ziepes. In the soap dish, there is soap.
Pa kreisi no manis ir dušas kabīne. On my left, there is a shower cabin.
Mazliet tālāk ir vanna. A little further down, here is a bathtub.
Bet tieši pretī ir tualetes pods. But right in front of me, there is a toilet bowl.
Skaties, kas notiek! Sezam atveries! Look, what’s happening! Open Sesame!
Šis ir moderns tualetes pods. Šis ir tualetes pods ar pulti. This is a modern toilet bowl. This is a toilet bowl with a remote control.
Šī ir pults. This is a remote control.



Kur tad laidīs? Dejot? Dancot? Where to? Dance? Dance?
–          Kas tas tāds?

–          Kur?

–          What’s that?

–          Where?


–          Kāds bija šis vakars?

–          Skaists.

–          Brīnišķīgs piedzīvojums. Kaut kas vispār, ko nekad dzīvē… Kaut kas, ko tu pirmo reizi atkal dari.


–          What was this evening like?

–          Beautiful.

–          Amazing adventure. Something I’ve never in my life… There were things I did for the first time. (Not a literal translation.)


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The link to the vocabulary file is here, and the video is here.


Ilze Be is a Latvian born American coach, trainer, and public speaker. She works with leaders and managers to create change and grow. She has also created digital courses for English speaking community interested in Latvian language and affairs.

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