my coaching-training program

for ambitious and determined business growers and storytellers

The Promise and Structure

The title "Practical Applications for Intuitive Business Visionaries"
The program is designed to help you with mindset, skillset and toolset so that you have a clear and compelling vision, smart tactics to reach your goals and well crafted stories not only to educate or entertain but also to sell. 
The structure comprises three training pillars:

Language/Document Package, in other words, Stuff Needed for Negotiations and Agreements
Numbers/Charts/Tables & Other Projection Tools

Systems/Processes for Growing Your Team and Serving Your Clients Successfully

Your work on your stories will continue throughout the entire program so that your stories not only to educate or entertain but also to sell your product or service and serve your clients and customers. 
Apart from training, your will have coaching support so that when you get stuck (and we all do sometimes), you get out of that space as quickly as possible.
Our time together: 9 months. (This is the time of a healthy pregnancy.)

To inquire about how to join my program, please send an email at info@ilzebe.com 

Are You My Ideal Client?

Yes, you are if...

You are an ambitious and determined change-maker and you know you have a huge potential. 
You've watched me show up on social media and you like my energy. That's why you want my guidance.  
Apart from the brief characterization above, you more or less match to one of these descriptions:  


You are seemingly accomplished at your corporate or federal/government job, but you are not happy in it.  You have made a decision to take a leap and start your own business. Otherwise, you'll keep burying your potential and sacrificing your life and health on the altar of something you are not burning for. 

You notice that your health is giving up because you've been keeping your frustration and anger inside. Those are the decision makers you have been forced to submit to you are frustrated with. You know you would be a better boss and decision maker.

On a personal level, you want to be financially more secure. You have felt secure so far but you know that people around middle age get laid off. That causes anxiety.

You know you have accumulated valuable expertise but you compare yourself against the company you had been working for or your client companies and you feel like you don't quite measure up. In other words, you suffer from perfectionism.


Native or not, you are an English speaker who has moved to the USA from another country or from the USA to one of the European countries. You are trying to integrate and find a job, but you struggle because you don't have previous experience in that country. You have decided to solve the employment problem by creating your own business.

You have some savings and you are ready to invest in help because you don't know the local law and customs. That feels frustrating at times but wouldn't stop you.

You are dreaming to grow in that new environment and maybe even beyond it. You want to make a big impact so that when you are old, people recognize you on the street for the contribution you have provided to that city or country.

You have a business idea, but you need help with prioritizing and you want to receive help from someone who's been in the shoes similar to those you are wearing now. It's me.

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