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Did you know that only 33% of businesses survive past the 10 year mark, and only 25% survive past the 15 year mark?

Not enough Internet presence and marketing

Not enough financing

Rigidity (inability to change when times change)

I own several businesses and my oldest one celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. That’s been possible only thanks to my team and our ability to change over the time.

Business is demanding and can be overwhelming especially when you are trying to grow or change it. It will stretch you thin. In order to stay happy in your business, you need to rely on your team and time after time you’ll need to hire. 

Creating a new position and hiring for it is not easy for two reasons:

You need to understand the tasks that need to assigned and you need to be able to describe them clearly so that you get the results 

You need to understand what combination of skills and qualities you want to see within your hirees.

To the latter I want to add that sometimes qualities are more important than skills because people can be trainable. If you know what you want to be done and how you want it done, I recommend training people at the beginning phase of your business because that will let you to identify weaknesses. 

If you want to go for that, you need to learn to be a teacher. In addition, you need to have firm boundaries so you are able to fire your team members with whom you’ve formed an attachment if they don’t perform the way it’s needed for your business.

If you are mentally ready to grow your team, you need to be sure you can secure the money to invest in the fees or salaries for the time period that it will take for the team to yield the results. We are helping our clients to grow their businesses by looking at time, team and financial management as a whole picture. If you want to learn more, schedule a conversation with me.

I have an introductory offer for entrepreneurs in the beginning stage:
a single 1-o-1 coaching-training session on how to balance:

Time management

Team management

Financial management

Although it looks like these are three separate areas of competence that can be taught in three different modules, they are very interrelated topics. 

In addition, often the problem is not the lack of knowledge. Often there is a mindset block that we also help our clients to discover and deal with. For instance, one of such blocks is the fear to invest in something as uncertain as human resources. 

Also what may happen is that the business owner invests boldly, but does it improperly. For instance, someone may invest in human resources to do their marketing, but fails to ensure that the marketing team gets proper instructions and updates. As a result, the business can suffer great losses. A client may also not have enough patience to wait for the return and withdraw from the plan too early.

The role of my business is to help our clients by training and coaching them:

To set boundaries so that they protect their time and delegate the work

To train and coach their teams so that they yield results

Figure out how to invest at each step of their growth

ILZE BE - coach


Please email Ilze Be at specifying the following:

Your business industry/niche.
How long have you already had a business if at all and what have you already done.
What is the advice most needed on.

Ilze Be specilizes in coaching beginner entrepreneurs. She will respond to you to let you know if you qualify for this special low-cost coaching offer.