Private & Corporate Art Events: FAQ

Who Are They Designed For?

Mid-level management leadership in large corporations
Top-executives or owners of small companies
City convention planning groups
Business colleges, universities, high-schools
Rotary & toastmasters clubs
Families and friends seeking to build meaningful memories 

What Are the Benefits?

Increased trust levels, enhanced relationships
Higher creativity levels and improved problem solving capabilities
Increased job satisfaction for employees
Increased employee retention rates for organizations
Greater sense of happiness, control and empowerment
Reduced costs and increased productivity

What are the deliverables?

The main package:

Collectively created artwork 
Brief hands-on training in art
Group exercises aimed at solving your problem 

Additional offers to pick from:

A video to capture the best moments  
Observations of the group dynamics and suggestions - prepared and delivered after the event

What Is the Process Like?

Click the button below and fill out the form in order to initiate a conversation. We are going to respond asking to specify information that we need to know in order to give you an estimate and prepare the event.

The information that we need to know is a brief description of: 

The problem you need to solve and/or the desired outcome;
Description of your group or team;
Technical details: facilities, light, preferred color scheme and such...

By filling out the form you will also collaborate with us on preparing and designing your event. 

Pick A Paint, Grab A Brush, Clear Your Mind

My Experience

Scott Thomas about how this started and what led to the offer

As an analyst with nearly 2 decades of experience in sales strategy development, sales training, project development, quality improvement and root cause analysis my strengths are in working with data and solving problems.  My comfort level in stepping out of my head and trying to understand what my subconscious was trying to communicate with me, however, has never been high. 

After a few coaching conversations with Ilze, she suggested that we try painting together to loosen up my mind and engage my more creative side. I was quickly impressed with the progress I was making, the change in mindset that took place while focusing on the painting process opened up new pathways for me. 

Ilze and I realized that if the painting process had helped me in that way, it could do the same for others. We decided to partner together to offer a similar experience to a broader audience. 

I noticed a number of benefits that I think you will see too. Ilze created a safe space where I felt comfortable experimenting and making mistakes. She walked me through the creative process, helping me learn different techniques and how a painting is developed. This gave me the confidence to try different things, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so successfully. 

Enjoying the process allowed me to get out of my head and tap into what was going on under the surface in my subconscious. It was a fun and therapeutic experience that helped me learn lessons I can apply in other areas of life. We are confident that you will have a similar experience!

Connect To Your Subconscious Through Art

Transformation can be a difficult thing, especially when there is unresolved trauma stopping us from tapping into our subconscious. One of the ways I have found to help clients break through these barriers is by using art as a tool to relax the mind and let creatively flow. Using abstract painting, where no training or previous experience is needed, is a fun way to let people play and grow at the same time.

Get The Description of Our Packages and Pricelist

The prices depend on various factors such as the number of participants, whether you wish to take your art with you or you wish it be finished professionally and others. Click the button below for more info.