A Mindful Rebel?

a black sheep in the herd of white onesWhat kind of a post is that on New Year’s Eve? Well, a mindful one. 🙂 In the New 2020, I wish you to be a mindful rebel. This is a heartfelt wish, and I say it because I live it. 

If they’re telling you that you can’t do something, prove to them that you can. When someone’s pointing out that you’re a black sheep in the herd of white ones, let them know your coat isn’t black – it is one of the sexy shade of greys. Make them watch you and do the impossible when you’re supposed to be hurting in pain.

doing impossible thingsThat’s what I did once on a snowstormy New Year’s night when 2006 turned into 2007. I went for a polar plunge in the ice-cold Baltic Sea for the first time in my life to numb the pain in my heart and my soul. I did it together with a friend who was hurting too. We challenged the pain — we rebelled. From then further on, I knew I could do it and I did it again.

Rebels as Leaders

There’s an article about a study that Harvard behavioral scientist, Francesca Gino carried out on rebels. I need to explain here that by rebels she means people who break rules to explore new ideas and create positive change, namely, the people who are doing good in the world.

Gino says that you are a rebel if you break away from the routine, seek out differences of opinion, use the conversational technique of “plussing”, display your authenticity in full view, learn everything — then forget everything, find freedom in constraints, lead from the trenches and know the value of a happy accident.rebel against the impossible

I call them mindful rebels and positive leaders, and I know I am one of them. If you think that there’s a rebel is inside of you and you are ready to let it come out, I encourage you to challenge yourself to do something that previously seemed impossible. Then, show others it was possible. In other words, create change!

Many physical limitations are limitations in our minds. I know for sure it’s true.

Therefore, one of my challenges for 2020 is to communicate this thought to someone who has a malicious illness and who I love and care about deeply. I am sure you know someone who’s been through a challenging journey. What helped me once to think positively about my own health was the documentary HEAL. I recommend watching it.

My New Year Resolutions

Be a Mindful Rebel in 202In 2020, I’ll continue being a mindful rebel. I’m planning to give speeches about:

  • The privilege of being a black sheep in the herd of white ones;
  • Tips that help to make the seemingly impossible possible, and
  • The importance of being connected.

More, I’ll focus on coaching and mentoring leaders and managers who feel that they could gain from my insights and skillset. If you want to contact me about working with me, please click this link and send me an email.

I will also continue to offer courses for learners of Latvian. (The content is moved to my new website LatvianAndLatvians.com.) The change is that I’ll focus on supporting those of my alumni who have graduated from my course L4ES and are ready to support my new students. I believe that you remember better when you explain things to others who know a little bit less than you do.


As this year comes to the end and the New Year sets in, I am at the end of my sabbatical. That means I’ll post more. If you’ want to be sure you don’t miss out on my posts, tips, jokes, and offers, sign up to be included in my new e-mail list. I have a rebellious name for this new list. I’ll tell you the name in the email that I’ll send you after you contact me through my Contact page. (The hint is in the subtitle and the picture you see on the right.)

If you’ve heard my speech “What’s the Story of Your Name?” you’ll know why I chose that name. If you haven’t, you may wish to access a fragment of that speech as well as fragments of 2 other speeches by going to My Speeches page.

For now, I’ll say thank you for reading this and wish us all to be

Happy Mindful Rebels and Positive Leaders in 2020!





Ilze Be is an intuitive life coach, trainer, and public speaker. Latvian born, she moved to the USA in 2013 and made it there from scratch. As a life coach, Ilze Be works with leaders and managers to create change and live a more fulfilling life. Being a patriot of the Latvian language, Ilze Be has created digital courses for English-speaking learners of Latvian. She also coaches some of them.

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