Business Coaching
in Exclusively Small Groups

About My Coaching Work with Groups:

Business coaching with me differs from classical coaching in that I do integrate some consulting and training as well. I work with aspiring entrepreneurs-daredevils who are just starting their businesses or they want to bring their business to the next level.

I work with exclusively small groups: only 4 people per group. Together, we design their vision and challenge ourselves to reach the maximum within 6-months. That's the time period you'll have to commit to if you want to work with me.

My Bio in a Nutshell:

I am a seasoned entrepreneur. My first business was teaching, training and coaching beauty pageants and young stage artists to prepare for contests. Although I had this business for only four years, two of my clients made it to Mis World.

I am also a founder and a co-owner of a translation company and a real estate management company in Latvia and a digital products' company in the USA. I run these businesses with the help of a team that I have personally trained while I personally work as a coach to help others to achieve their dreams. 

I have an Executive MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Once I moved to the US, the first two things I learned were about the taxes and payroll in the USA so I took a certification course for bookkeepers, and I took a course for paralegals in order to understand how court system works in this country. 

When I choose who to learn from, I always choose the best:

 I am as student of an entrepreneur and New York Times best selling author Marie Forleo, namely, I am her B-School graduate. 

I have graduated from all Amy Porterfield's signature courses:  "List-Building Lab", "Courses that Convert" and her "Digital Course Academy". Amy is a former team member of Tony Robbins and it shines through.

I often incorporate the framework I learned about Michael Hyatt, and I train my own virtual assistants in order to grow my business. 

Tara Zirker is my go-to person when I need to figure out the latest things about Facebook ads, and Sunny Lenarduzzi is my role-model when it comes to mastering Youtube. I have been a member of Tara's "Successful Ads Club" since 2018 and Sunny's community "Youtube for Bosses" since 2019. 

I have won  Michael Hyatt's  gift - his planner and Tara Zirker's book "The $100K Journey" as an activist in their groups.

Coaches Need Coaches too:

Currently, I am a member of a group of coaches called "Hatch 16" which is organized by the master coach Christina Berkley. Christina is a transformational experience curator, an international coach and speaker, and was a founding co-chair of the NEXUS Futurism Lab. She is a former student of the world class coach Rich Litivn. (Did I already mention that I like to learn from the best?)

Interested in being coached by me in an exclusively small group? 

If the answer is YES, please contact me using the form below. In the space provided for a message, please write a little about yourself and what stage are you at in your business. (It's okay to be a beginner provided that you are a daredevil.)