5 Must-Have Story Types To Grow Your Business

The Core Story: What is your purpose with your business and why does it matter to others? 
The Impossible Story: How did you process your greatest challenge and came up with a solution for an obstacle that seemed too big to overcome?
The Investment Story: Think of all the time, effort and resources that went into making the dream a reality...
The Human Story: No journey (or compelling story) is without setbacks; an opportunity to learn, grow, and stress test your ideas and beliefs.
The Regret Story: This is a story that is a potential vision of the future, the "what-if". What would be the cost if we did not take the chance of acting now?

5 Stories.   5 Powerful Ways to Connect.

Day 1: Handcuffed?

Day 2: Paralyzing Fear

Day 3: Investing in What's Important

Fragments from Day 4

Fragments from Day 5


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