Learning and Memory

Learning and memorySuccess in Learning a foreign languageSuccess in language learning depends on a learner’s ability to memorize. When learning a new language, one of the things you need to

Latvian and Coaching

Returning with Offers for Learners of Latvian and More I am making this quick post with a video that was made a while ago. It is an interview with recruiter Baiba
Pets know secrets

The Secrets Our Pets Know

Our Pets Know Our Secrets. Have you ever thought about that? Imagine, if one day they started to talk! Wouldn't that be funny? In this video, you'll see a fragment of the
Your impact on the lives of others

Your Footprints in the Universe

Do you ever wonder about your footprints? Do you ever think about the impact you have on the others? Have you ever thought that you are not important enough to make