Coaching can change your life

You must have heard that coaches need coaches too. I do get coaching regularly. I'll tell you a story how coaching changed my life. 

I used to struggle with migraine headaches. They started shortly after I moved to the US and as years went by, escalated in frequency.  As a result of that health problem, I couldn't plan my life and make any promises to others.

Yet, I still wanted to set and achieve business goals. Therefore, I hired a productivity coach in order to be more productive during the time I had free of migraines. 

However, the coach challenged my belief about migraines. I had been thinking they were something I had to accept and live with. I started to look for solutions beyond traditional medicine and as a result have gotten rid of migraines. 

It may sound like nothing to you, but for me it was a big deal because it radically improved the quality of my life. The funny thing is that the solution was right in front of my eyes, yet I was ignoring it due to a limiting belief. 

Coaching is aimed at finding solutions that'll work uniquely for you. I would be honored to help you make a similarly groundbreaking shift in your life.

Latvian born American Ilze Be

If you feel like we are on the same wavelength...

Send me an email to express interest in scheduling a discovery call. It's on me. If we both feel we are a good match to work together, only then I'll invite you to work with me for real. I do need to tell you though that although I give motivational speeches, as a coach I don't focus on motivating my clients. I empower by asking empowering questions, and I am a mirror who helps my clients to see what limiting beliefs are holding them back from living their best life. Thus, you need to be motivated and to have a desire to reach big dreams in order to work with me. 

Once you've determined that that's you (you are motivated), write that email email to me and in it, briefly tell me:

 My email address is:

 Looking forward to hearing from you!


Ilze Be