I am an entrepreneur and coach with 20+ years experience in working with people and teams. However, my most important life lessons are not business-related. They have forged me into who I am now. Although incredibly painful at the time, I am grateful that I had them. Without those lessons, I wouldn't be as compassionate and free of any judgments as I am now. If you feel stuck, get in touch with me. Who knows, I might help you to see the way out and much more.

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Latvian born American Ilze Be

How to Pick a Coach & Mentor

This personality type is mine. What's yours?

Let's face it - not always we are able to pick a person who is a good match for us. We have learned social behaviors and more often than not hide our true identities at the beginning. Thus, you either have to trust your gut feeling or look at other indicators. 

While you are looking around this page and trying to figure it out if you want to get in touch with me, I'll give you a peek into my own personality profile as determined by Myers-Briggs' 16 personalities test. You can even take the test to determine what your personality type is. It's free and the link is here.

Check my full profile by clicking the link under the image of that weird lady with glasses. Then, you can look at the suggestions that Myers-Brigs test results provide and decide whether or not you would like to be in my caring hands or not. I'll tell you in advance - I have a firm grip, but that's because I want you to get results.

How We will Work:

We will have a conversation or two, or maybe three. The first qualification conversation is $10. (I need to do this because I get weird requests.) Once I see that you are serious, the next 2 to 3  conversations will be free until we decide that we ARE / ARE NOT a match. 

If we decide that we are a match, I'll give you a recommendation for the best plan to collaborate, but you'll be free to pick what you want.

So, what you have to do now is to fill out the form to receive my calendar. We'll start communicating from there.