I believe in coaching, so I also get coached. Group coaching is effective for the reason that you get the same effect by watching others being coached. Group members challenge each other and as a result, everyone gets better results. My coach, Christina Berkley, carefully selects members for her groups called "Hatches". I follow the same principle, selecting my groups in order to create the atmosphere of trust and challenge.
Below, there are two videos that I was allowed to share. Watch my coach and fellow coaches giving me feedback on my performance as a coach.

Fellow coaches about coach Ilze Be

Master coach Christina Berkley to Ilze Be

Coaching with me

I love to work with small groups, because I believe in the collective spirit. Yet, I do have some individual clients as well.

If you are considering me as your coach, please write to me using the form below. 

In your letter, please address the following questions:

I work with people who are committed to make a change. Your life WILL change while working with me when you are committed. 

Subject to your letter, I may invite you to a powerful conversation. It's on me. The conversation will serve us as a tool to understand if we are a good match for a long-term cooperation. 

If I see a potential for us to be a good match, I'll offer you my coaching services. If you say "yes", we'll work together for 6 months up to a year. Anything less is not enough to create a lasting change. Your minimum investment will be $3,500.

Contact Form.


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