Hello, learners of Latvian!

I’ve been talking for a month now that I’ll be hosting a live event online. Such live events are called webinars. Last week, I explained what a webinar is in my video that you can watch here:

What is a Webinar: My Husband Didn’t Know.

The time has come to tell you more.

Announcing my webinar details:

The title of the webinar is “Passion Masterclass 4 Learners of Latvian.”

In my webinar, I’ll talk about how to learn Latvian successfully. I’ll share with you how I started learning languages, what I did wrong, what I did right, what I learned later (about language learning methods), why people fail and how I teach.

In the part where I talk about how I teach, I’ll walk you through my signature course Latvian 4 English Speakers. I am accepting students for the new 4-month session starting in June. I’ll also give an irresistible offer to those who are ready to jump on board now and start in June.

This is my invitation to my Free, Live Webinar “Passion Masterclass 4 Learners of Latvian”


“Passion Masterclass 4 Learners of Latvian” is an exclusive event – I haven’t done this before and I don’t know when I’ll do it again. If you join me live, you’ll be able to ask me questions. (Don’t be afraid, I won’t put you on the screen. You’ll type your questions in a chat window.)

I picked 2 days (May 31 & June 1) at 2 different times (2 pm ET & 7 pm ET respectively) so that people in most time-zones could attend.

  • For the Webinar on May 31 at 7 pm EST (GMT -4), please register by clicking this link:

Webinar Registration for May 31

  • For the Webinar on June 1 at 2 pm EST (GMT – 4), please register by clicking this link:

Webinar Registration for June 1

Please register even if you are interested, but can’t attend the live event. I’ll be able to send you the recording of the webinar for which you have registered.

To read about how fast it is possible to learn Latvian, click here: How Fast Can You Learn Latvian?


Ilze Be is a Latvian born American coach, trainer, and public speaker. She works with leaders and managers to create change and grow. She has also created digital courses for English speaking community interested in Latvian language and affairs.

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