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Marketing and sales:

In order to market and sell a service you need to understand your client’s problem or vision deeply. You need to demonstrate that you understand it more deeply than your competitor does because that’s what will allow you to sell it either to more clients or for a higher price or both.

If you haven’t created a bond with your audience yet, they are not going to buy. So, in order to create that bond, you need to be in front of their faces so that they notice and get to know you. So, where to show up, where to get in front of their faces? 

It depends on how you want to sell - in person or online, but most people nowadays want to check service providers out on the Internet even if they are going to buy in person. Therefore, social media and your personal website are the places where to show up. 

Do you need to show up in videos? Videos are said to be the most effective way, but if you are not ready for videos just yet, start with photos and written stories. Do something! As long as you have a plan for what and how often you are going to communicate, it’s the right way to be. It’s because consistency is key. 

I know that many have resistance to share something personal on social media, but that’s because we have seen bad examples. When you show up thoughtfully and mindfully, they can be extremely helpful. Think about social media like you can think about money: it is neutral. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s how it is being used that causes feelings.

Lastly, what social media platform should you choose to show up for your business? 

I have a resource for that. Check the link and download the comparison of the 4 main platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

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Social Media Analysis and Choice


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