"The Birth of an Eye".   Mixed media (oil over acrylic) on canvas (23' x 36').   Ilze Be, 2020.

The Creation Process

In the carousel below, you can see the process of creation of "The Birth of an Eye". This painting was started during my birthday celebration. I invited my friends to use acrylic paint and paint on the canvas that I provided. Then, I brought the canvas home and let it sit for some time before I started working on it. I needed to be in front of my eyes and let my mind work in the background interpreting messages locked within. 

Such a creation process reminds me a group collaoration process. When everyone participates, the picture may get muddy, but then I need to rely it's just a part of the process. Gradually, the shapes will start appearing. 

In this instance, a bright picture where objects have clear boundaries was born and I immediately knew how to name this baby. I find it quite symbolic. 

My Art Exhibition

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