People in the US struggle with pronunciation and spelling of my simple 4-letter name. I use humor and suggest memorization techniques to demonstrate how to remember things and how to become memorable. 


"Amazing job! Really enjoyed your stories and I will not forget your name."

Shelley Ayers

"I loved the creativity and energy in your speech. This matched your words & flow/trajectory & helped keep us engaged!"

Steve Penna

"Good audience involvement & humor worked great! All examples proved the point in a funny way because of surprises. Wow!"

Jennifer Crawford

"Look, how Happy I Am without You!"

Watch me talking about what gave me inspiration for this award winning speech and fragments from it. 


"Wonderful, emotional, moving, personal, honest and a "journey or words"! So relatable to the audience since most have had crazy experiences being single and married."

Maria Glenn

"I saw you perform this great speech several times. Each time you made changes in the content and delivery. The finished product was perfect! You showed others how sharing personal stories can be rewarding and can provide much needed laughter! "

Donald McNeill

"Great use of the English language: 
"...my wounds were still bleeding...", "...impressive & persuasive...", "...feminine aura..." "...aura of death...", "...drowning in depression..."! Well done! Personal, lovely! Great story!"

Leah Bug


This initially toastmasters' speech about culture, race and money has grown into a full 55 min keynote. 


"You have a powerful, grace filled presence! Fantastic speech!

"Just a phase" - powerful message about Anna. Thank you for sharing this!"

Trish Richardson

"Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you still decided to make NC your home. The parent that said it was OK for her child to destroy what your child had built shows a lack of respect for others."

Charles Graham

"You presented Anna's story so well & I feel it is one worthy of wider appreciation. It led me to Heather's blog, as I so wanted to know the story in full. I also enjoyed seeing the Ted Talk featuring Mellody Hobson - another brave & inspirational woman clearly setting out the need for promoting diversity in all its forms."

Ilse Matthews