I have a new training-coaching program, and in this post, I’ll briefly refer to that and talk about it. This comes after I recently gave an interview to the author of the online project SAPROTU. She asked me about my progression as a coach. Training plus coaching is what I am leaning towards.

The new program will be for people who are starting their businesses. When I say “program,” I mean a structured training framework with coaching around it. That is because I have observed it is not enough to just coach.

Respectively, in coaching, coaches ask questions to maximize resources that are already within their clients. It makes sense, though, to provide some tools and techniques that my clients don’t possess. Therefore, I combine training with coaching. I believe that will help them reach their goals faster.

The structure I have in mind has four pillars. To give you an idea, here are their conceptual names:

  1. Stories.
  2. Documents.
  3. Numbers.
  4. Processes.

They are all intertwined, so that’s where coaching will come in place. My training-coaching style is dual: intuitive and analytical. Although I have studied all kinds of exact subjects formally and informally, I believe there is not much (if anything) that beats intuition.

I will interact with those interested in my newly created closed Facebook group, “Tell Your Story, Build Your Business.” I will be training and coaching there too for free and I will talk about my paid offers as well. You are welcome to request access to the group if your intention is to build a harmonious business that brings you joy and abundance.


Ilze Be is an intuitive life coach, trainer, and public speaker. Latvian born, she moved to the USA in 2013 and made it there from scratch. As a life coach, Ilze Be works with leaders and managers to create change and live a more fulfilling life. Being a patriot of the Latvian language, Ilze Be has created digital courses for English-speaking learners of Latvian. She also coaches some of them.