"Created Collectively" Series Paintings

Some of these paintings are for sale, and you can also have me in your corporate or family event to guide your group through a multidimensional process during which you will access your subconscious mind, learn, and creating a painting. Click here or contact me to learn more. Thank you!

Poker Face. (48"*36". Mixed media: water color, marker, acrylic paint on canvas) 

Birth of an Eye. (24"*48". Mixed media: acrylic paint on the bottom painted over in oil on canvas.) 

Mountain View. (24"*36". Acrylic paint on canvas.) 

Hunger. (20"*20". Acrylic paint on canvas.)

Deep. (24"*30". Mixed media: Marker and acrylic paint on canvas.)

Dragonfly. (24"*30". Mixed media: Acrylic and oil on canvas.)

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