"Subconscious" Series Paintings

Some of the paintings shown on this page may be for sale. Please contact me directly to express interest to purchase. Thank you!

Subconscious. (30"*40", oil on canvas)

There are many layers and dimensions of one's subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind stores memories in pictures. How many layers do you see here? How many pictures? How many stories?

Marguerite's Mind. (36"*48", oil on canvas)

Marguerite had Alzheimer's, and at an early stage of the illness, she painted. Her paintings were very abstract - random strokes of paint. I never met Marguerite in person, but I felt compelled to interpret. This is the result.

Escape. (23" *36", acrylic and oil on canvas)

You might be kept in a safe home and fed so you don't need to worry about starving. Yet, that might not be enough for you. You might despise the saddles and how your mouth is controlled by the shanks, rings, cheekpads and mullen. So, one day, you see an opportunity and run...

A painting with a shady street with a light female figure facing it in the foreground

What' s Next? (14" *18", acrylic and oil on canvas)

You can call me successful or lucky, but marriage is the one area in which I have failed more than once. It has been traumatic and evolutionary at the same time. I painted this is after my third marriage broke down.

The Invisible. (36"*48", oil on canvas)

What we see at first glance might be delusional or incomplete. Do you see a person standing there invisible watching the mountains and the clouds?  Why is she there? What is going on with and within her?

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