"Womanhood" Series Paintings 

Some of these paintings are for sale, and you can also commission a painting in a specific style you see. Contact me to inquire. Thank you!

Game. (18"*24", mixed media: acrylic & oil on canvas)

Kittens. (24"*18", oil on canvas)

Dance. (36"*48", Oil on canvas)

Blue. (18"*42", mixed media: crayon & oil on canvas)

Merging. (24"*18", oil on canvas)

A bright painting of a lilac wall with red gates and a female figure carrying firewood on her head.

The Gate. (15.5"*19.5", acrylic on canvas)

The Mom, The Boy and The Mermaid. (27"*39". Acrylic and oil on carton. Framed.)

Female Figure Sketch 4. (8"*11", mixed media: ink & water color on paper)

An abstract painting with two people in conversation through music

Conversation. (9"*13". Mixed media: print clippings, ink and acrylic media on canvas)

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