Examples Of How I Work With Groups

The Process (1)

Finished Result

"The Birth of an Eye".   Mixed media (oil over acrylic) on canvas (23' x 36').   

 If everyone agrees in advance, trance may be induced in order to help participants to relax their subconscious and connect to their subconscious.  When the set time is up, the collective painting process is stopped and the participants interpret it to get answers.

The Process (2)

Finished Results

 You can decide to have only an event or to have an event and keep the painting. You can also choose if you want to keep the painting as is at the end of the event or have me to finish it. If you elect to have it finished, you can specify the color scheme of your preference. I will create it following your directions no regardless if participants used different colors during the process.

Coaching and training beginners is my passion

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Studies have shown that our conscious, rational, analytical mind determines only some 5% of all that happens in our lives. We are not consciously aware of our habits and patterns, automatic body function, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values, cognitive biases, and long-term memory. In order to have more control over our lives, the key is to learn how to access the subconscious which actually runs our lives and work on replacing old beliefs that might not be even ours with new ones that are helpful.

I work with individuals, groups of friends, families as well as corporate teams. Through my unique process, I turn creation of art in a coaching experience that can be a pleasurable and life changing for my clients. I use my voice and specific language you to help you relax your mind, be playful and creative. Creativity does not come from the analytic (conscious) mind. As a result, you may have surprising insights that will help you to set a new course in your life or business.