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for Us - Gardens, Rivers, and Power-Plants

Be a jovial brook who knows its purpose is to become a powerful waterway and connect continents.
Be a garden that attracts eyes and butterflies. Be an inviting space for visitors and conversations.
Listen attentively and learn languages. There are so many: your guardian angel's, your financial advisor's, and that of the opposite sex.
Interpret for others who don't understand. Don't overexplain for wisdom emerges in silence.
Watch clouds, trees, and birds. They carry messages. Accidentally dropped words do too. Pay attention.
Ignore nothing. Notice colors and shades. Paint in colors for moods. Paint in black and white for contrast.
Paint in words to empower.
Share your voice humbly, yet confidently. Be proud of your achievements. Serve more.
Own your mistakes and find humor in your frustrations. The world needs more laughter. Be the source of laughter. Never ridicule.
Build houses, sandcastles, and people. Your home will be where your people are. That's also where you'll play.
Honor your sexuality. It is your power-plant. It is your most powerful plant, Garden.
Relax and make love. Fall in love. Experiment: surrender AND rule.
Trust and be ready to be betrayed. Things happen.
Forgive and ask for forgiveness. Be ready to not be forgiven. It's not about you.
Don't complain about rainy days. Somewhere, someone is dying from thirst.
Fast to cleanse your body and mind. Build endurance, and trust: the rewards are worth it.
Stay youthful, yet don't be afraid to die. You won't disappear. Energies don't disappear. They change states.
You are energy, and so are your words.
Flow with your words, or don't -- once born, they'll have their own life. You are a separate matter.
Know that you matter.

/Ilze Be, 2020/