Frustrations with Virtual Assistants

Finding virtual assistants hasn’t been an easy task for me. I have specific needs and expectations. Don’t misunderstand me. I am a very patient trainer and coach for my virtual assistants. Yet, there are some things I am not patient with. One of them is wasting my time. One thing is to ask me to clarify things, but another thing is to make me repeat what I have already said. Even worse – make me do their job to save time. I think I’ve been spoiled by how officers cooperated with me in the translation company DODAM that I founded in Latvia in 2006. Yet, I don’t want to lower my expectations because I know they can be met and even exceeded.

A high class virtual assistant for me would be an assistant who not only knows her task well (better than me). I am looking for someone who, to some extent, would also see the big picture that I am trying to paint. As a coach, I know that not all people are the “big picture” people. Yet, the willingness to understand is what I value because I act with reciprocity. That ensures good communication which is key to resolving complications when they occur.

Turning the Problem into Opportunity

Marie Forleo said what I thinkI wouldn’t be me if I didn’t turn the problem into opportunity. (I guess that’s why Marie Forleo’s motto and book title Everything is Figuroutable resonates with me so much.) My response to that was to create a new online program for virtual assistants. I’ll explain why I am saying “the basics”.

Once you’ll start understanding the scope of the work that goes under the title Virtual Assistants, you’ll understand how many opportunities there are. Virtual assistants can help with organization of files, emails and bookings or with proofreading and editing presentations, blog articles or captions under YouTube videos. (Check out my video below. My virtual assistant actually translated them from Latvian into English.) Virtual assistants can also take calls, assist with preparation of live webinars, upload emails that need to go out and many other things. The course will be great for beginner online entrepreneurs who want to understand the big picture and structure as well as learn about specific tools and how they compare.

My Assistant

Creating, marketing and selling an online course is no joke. I know it after creating courses for learners of Latvian. Therefore, this time I am not doing it alone. I trained an assistant who will be able to help me to manage the team to work on this project. Can you guess where I found her? I found her in Latvia, in the translation company that I still co-own. We have figured out the schedules and it has worked wonderfully this far. If you want to have a peek, watch a fragment from our online conversation.


In a Nutshell:

  • It is not easy to find virtual assistants who see the big picture of online business and can help with wide variety of assignments.
  • Creation of a new course for virtual assistants and online entrepreneurs-beginners is in progress.
  • When offered first on the market, the video content of the course will be in English with subtitles and printable files as well as support in Latvian and Russian.
  • We first plan to present it’s full and tested version in mid-May, 2020.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please go to Contact page and submit your name and email.


Ilze Be is an intuitive life coach, trainer, and public speaker. Latvian born, she moved to the USA in 2013 and made it there from scratch. As a life coach, Ilze Be works with leaders and managers to create change and live a more fulfilling life. Being a patriot of the Latvian language, Ilze Be has created digital courses for English-speaking learners of Latvian. She also coaches some of them.

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