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Take the items on this menu as suggestions for how we can collaborate. In other words, the items can be modified:  their ingredients can be swapped, added or removed. 

Personal brand concept, elements, stories and delivery

From $1,500

Signature Services
Everyday Services

"You-Actively-Involved" Packages 

First-Timer General Coaching package*


Memory boosting and/or language learning 

From $1,500

Storytelling bootcamps

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Art events with or without spiritual touch

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Channeling messages through art

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"You-Sit-Back-and-Relax" Offers

Commission me to create a Legacy Video for you

From $200

Commission me to create a painting for you

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Hire me as a speaker

From $500

 General (Everyday) Services 

Initial Discovery Consultation


Memory training techniques

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Latvian (any foreign) language learning strategy

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Video editing

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Sigil creation for personal protection or gifting

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Coaching & training (paid weekly, stop any time)

Website development skills training for beginners

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Storytelling and public speaking skills development practice

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* The length of the "Initial Discovery Consultation" and "First-Timer General Coaching" session is 30 minutes. 

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Meet me at HCT online

I am a member and the President of the High Country Toastmasters' Club, Boone NC. Visit our club on Tuesdays.

Special offers for groups

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Here are the 4 most frequently asked questions. Sign up for my emails or schedule a conversation to get more answers.

Are your art events for artists only?

In fact, my art events are not for artists at all. They are more for people who say they don't have an artistic bone in them. If clients agree, I may use language that will put them under slight hypnosis so that they can relax their conscious mind and connect to their subconscious. That's when hidden messages and insights come out. It's a healing experience and can be lot of fun. If this feels compelling and you'd like to learn more, sign up to receive my emails.

Do I need to be a good storyteller to attend your storytelling events?

No, you don't. If you'd like to become a better storyteller, I offer coaching packages for that as well as now and then, I organize storytelling bootcamps online. (Sign up for my emails to not miss them.) In the meantime, you are welcome to join my storytelling and food sharing events to meet new people and perhaps develop relationships. Don't worry about your storytelling skills. What matters is your willingness to participate. Be sure there will be no shortage of stories because people are different: some people enjoy talking more than others and they need an audience. 

Can you tell me more about the creation of a legacy video?

Absolutely. Some of us use our cell phones to record videos but they seldom watch them afterward. Some of us hardly ever record anything. No matter to which of those types you belong, probably you don't have a video that summarizes the story of your or your loved one's life in a presentable way. Many parents create first year books for their babies but it feels like after that our lives are not that important anymore until our weddings and funerals. I offer to create videos at various stages of our lives now. We never know if we or our loved ones will be here tomorrow, so why not celebrate our lives and create our legacies now? Sign up for my emails to learn more.

What is included in your Sigil creation offer?

Sigils are energetically loaded ornaments that comprise the symbols of consonants withdrawn from a powerful sentence or phrase that represents something that you want to manifest in your life. I teach my way of creating sigils that look good and serve the intended purpose which is either to use it for yourself or gift it to someone.

Get to know me more!

Here is a video featuring me. The creator of the YouTube channel SAPROTU (Latvian for I understand) interviewed me. My legacy video 🙂



Monday - Friday
8 AM - 6 PM

8 AM - 2 PM



I serve communities near Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Boone, NC

I serve and support Latvian communities worldwide

I particularly support women dealing with PSTD 

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