Ilze is a phenomenal coach. Her style is gentle, non-threatening and she made me feel so comfortable that I shared my inner fear with her. She assisted me in discovering my inner sense of fun which I had been looking for so long. She has lots of tools to help me move forward and guide me to take one step at a time until I can leap forward. Ilze is really a different type of coach and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know what real coaching is. "

- Aaron Alexandra Ngoh 

Writer and Coach

It is very comfortable and easy to work with Ilze. She has a great skill to actively listen and read between the lines. She helps me to find simple solutions for the problems and deal with fears that make me stuck. Ilze is definitely a great coach who cares about client’s personal development and emotional state. I highly recommend Ilze for everyone who is ready to start working with a coach. "

- Irina Shilova

Business Executive

Coaching seasons with Ilze were inspiring and delightful.  She helped me focus my time and energy and perspective back to positivity about myself and to my core priorities and dreams. I’ve been putting pictures of dream relationships / activities, vacas, weddings, houses ... in a file and I’m making a slide aglow for my background too.  I made a few simple changes since and am clearly on the path to bringing to fruition the things I desire most in my life. "

- Alyson Visgaus 

Labor and Delivery Nurse

I can be prone to hyperbole in some of my writing, but I am totally serious when I say that working with Ilze in the capacity of coach changed my life. The opportunity to become a coaching client of Ilze's came at just the right time for me, as I was trying to figure out steps I needed to start a new business (and life!) in a place I'd only previously holidayed. I have had to set goals, do homework, search the depths of my soul, and do some scary things, but it has been worth every second. I am thriving. "

- Anita Kirchners Patersone 

Premium Rental Accommodation Owner

I had the most amazing coaching experience with Ilze. She took me places that I never would have expected and uncovered deep, unresolved issues that I had clearly suppressed for some time. She got me to connect with my true motivation, helped reframe certain limiting beliefs and empowered me to confidently continue taking steps towards my dreams. I truly recommend being coached by Ilze, especially if you want to shift the current level of thinking which is keeping you where you are in life. "

- Alex Østergaard

Transformational Coach

My coaching sessions with Ilze were deep dive into some unexpected places. I came to our sessions with what I thought was a simple challenge I was facing in my business, but listening to what I was saying, she could ask questions about what was really getting in my way and allow me to discover solutions I’d never expected. There’s something calming about her presence and I felt safe exploring and opening up. I’d definitely recommend Ilze to anyone open to really exploring and overcoming challenges in their business or life. "

- Kareem Griffith 

English Language Teacher

A big thank you to Ilze Be for her help as I develop my business in its early stages. She has helped me narrow down my end target customer. We’ve mapped the different progressive levels I need to go through to reach those customers. Most importantly, she has helped me identify steps I can take RIGHT NOW. My intent was to chase “perfect” as far as I could before engaging with potential clients, instead of trusting what I see as “good” and improving as I go. Ilze's feedback and encouragement have given me immediately actionable items that will get me started in a way that will help me build a better offering, build a customer to use as a story to build on, and gain momentum in my efforts. If you are thinking about reaching out to Ilze for coaching I highly recommend it, she has made a world of difference for me! "

- Scott Thomas 

Analyst and Business Coach

The method of learning which Ilze has been helping me with is about finding ways and techniques that aren’t necessarily linear or classical style of learning. It’s about doing things that I enjoy, that I respond to well, that aren’t necessarily arduous tasks, but they are things that are a bit more interesting, or that I might need to be doing anyway. Ilze’s model of coaching is such that it gives me the skills to increase my own skills. My investment in coaching with Ilze is not contingent on having a weekly lesson. It’s giving me something unique – the ability to invest as much time as I like and get out as much of return as I like from it, outside of the calls of the program. "

- Tom Keighley